Day #1: Eating from my pantry

Since my pantry is stocked with items that I have been dragging around for years, I decided the only way to make sure I get rid of it all without throwing it away was to not go grocery shopping. There will be no grocery shopping at all this week, while for the month of January I will only be allowed to buy fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and meat. Wine, beer, and soda, of course, are excluded ;-)
Here is the list of items I started out with in my freezer/refrigerator/pantry.

Tonight, I took inspiration from a usual source: frugality blog The Simple Dollar, specifically this article titled Nine Creative Ways to Utilize Leftovers from Common Meals.

Since we had pot roast last night, naturally we had some leftover meat, broth, and some vegetables. Trent suggests the following:
"Instead of just reheating this food for future meals, I just toss it into the food processor with some of the broth, puree it, and then take the thick “soup” and add bread crumbs until I’m able to form patties with it. I then cook the patties over medium heat in a skillet with a bit of canola oil until they’re light brown on both sides. Optionally, I’ll add a bit of cheese to the mix."


I also decided this would be good as sandwiches. I have some bread left, but not alot, and since I'm out of white flour, I decided to make rye bread according to this recipe.

Here's the rye bread:

And, while somewhat unattractive, this pot roast burger is quite edible. Even a bit yummy.

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