Day #3: Eating from my pantry

Since my pantry is stocked with items that I have been dragging around for years, I decided the only way to make sure I get rid of it all without throwing it away was to not go grocery shopping. There will be no grocery shopping at all until Dec 31, while from January 2 through January 31 I will only buy fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and meat. Wine, beer, and soda, of course, are excluded ;-)
Here is the list of items I started out with in my freezer/refrigerator/pantry.

Tonight I got a well-needed haircut, so my poor husband was left to fend for himself for dins. Before we parted ways after work, I quickly ran down his list of options: frozen pizza or can of soup with homemade bread.

10 points to anyone who can guess which one he chose (if you really, really, really want to know which he chose, you can look forward to my pantry inventory on Feb 1 ;-)

Pantry Item Finished:
• Not saying, nah nah nah

Yeah, not bad

zzzzz, too tired to comment

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