Breast-Feeding Lowers Breast Cancer Risk for Some - On Women (usnews.com)

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On Women (usnews.com):
"Breast-Feeding Lowers Breast Cancer Risk for Some"

We all know that breast-feeding is good for the baby. It provides much-needed antibodies to lower a baby's risk of diarrhea, ear infections, and bacterial meningitis, as well as preventing overfeeding, which could stave off obesity later in life. But is it good for moms? That's a difficult question to answer. Some studies suggest it may help prevent bone loss later in life and possibly lower the risk of ovarian cancer by delaying the onset of menstruation after pregnancy. Now, an intriguing new study out today in the Archives of Internal Medicineshows that it could help some women avoid breast cancer early in life. Breast-feeding conferred nearly a 60 percent lower risk of premenopausal breast cancer on women who had a family history of the disease.
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