Fat Tuesday is coming up in three weeks and though i don't have tickets for the Big Easy,
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 i 'm feeling ready: i'm fat, that was easy. . . .barump, bump!

what i am NOT ready for is the day after, Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent.

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we're supposed to give something up for Lent. the more traditional er, uh, uhm tradition
 is to fast for Lent. Fast.

what exactly do they mean by Fast?

are we supposed to stop eating altogether, for forty days?

or, as when we were kids, do we give up meat?

at today's' prices, and given the fashion, giving up meat doesn't
 seem much of a sacrifice. maybe giving up on bread will do.

 giving up bread would be the hardest, most tortuous of Fasts.
AND, i'm certain to lose in the bread basket department.

hmmmm . . .

but then, there's the WWJD aspect. aren't fish and bread religious food?

a strict diet of fish and bread? nah. fast food joints with their fish sandwhiches would save in a pinch, but the lack of veggies over forty days is sure to create some sort of go to hospital-type emeregency.

fish and chips would prep me for a trip to London, but its the same as the fish and bread thingy.
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hmm i've got three weeks to decide. i AM leaning towards the give up bread Fast.

i'll letcha know.


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  1. Fish and chips, now you're talking. There's a nice chippie just down the road from us here which I wouldn't give up on for anything in the world. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  2. A very early Happy Fat Tuesday!