CorpWatch : Monsanto Faces $7.5 Billion Payout to Brazilian Farmers

ALTAMIRA, BRAZIL - JUNE 17:  Farmer Joao Volve...
ALTAMIRA, BRAZIL - JUNE 17: Farmer Joao Volveriso poses in a market where he sells goods near the site where the Belo Monte dam complex is under construction in the Amazon basin on June 17, 2012 in Altamira, Brazil. Belo Monte will be the world’s third-largest hydroelectric project and will displace up to 20,000 people while diverting the Xingu River and flooding as much as 230 square miles of rainforest. Thousands of Altamira residents will need to be relocated as up to one-third of the city will be underwater once the project is completed. The controversial dam is one of around 60 hydroelectric projects Brazil has planned in the Amazon to generate electricity for its rapidly expanding economy. While environmentalists and indigenous groups oppose the dam, many Brazilians support the project. The Brazilian Amazon, home to 60 percent of the world’s largest forest and 20 percent of the Earth’s oxygen, remains threatened by the rapid development of the country. The area is currently populated by over 20 million people and is challenged by deforestation, agriculture, mining, a governmental dam building spree, illegal land speculation including the occupation of forest reserves and indigenous land and other issues. Over 100 heads of state and tens of thousands of participants and protesters will descend on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, later this month for the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development or ‘Earth Summit’. Host Brazil is caught up in its own dilemma between accelerated growth and environmental preservation. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
CorpWatch : Monsanto Faces $7.5 Billion Payout to Brazilian Farmers:

 "Monsanto, the largest seed corporation in the world, may have to pay as much as $7.5 billion to five million Brazilian soy farmers.

The company has long dealt out severe legal sanctions against farmers it suspects of "pirating" its seed. But now the farmers have turned the tables on Monsanto, by suing the company and winning."

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