Bon Appetit – Anchovy

Bon Appetit – Anchovy (GREEN PORNO Season 3)

 Isabella Rossellini takes a closer look at the life of an anchovy.

. . . curious i've decided to catch a few episodes of  Sundance Channel: Green Porno. it stars Isabella Rossellini in costumes, re-enacting the reproductive rituals of various animals.
 episodes are of three or four minutes duration.

what's not to like? Isabella, Sex, just as i like it, in under 5 minutes . . .?

it just so happens that the first episode i watch concerns my favorite pizza topping: Anchovies. 

ruined, ruined, i've been ruined!

it turns out that the harvesting of anchovies in open sea is cutting into the food supply of Penguins and walruses and contributes to their possible extinction.

what to do? what to do? aaaaarrrrrgggghhh! no more anchovies!



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