Days #7 & #8: Our potatoes spoiled

Since my pantry is stocked with items that I have been dragging around for years, I decided the only way to make sure I get rid of it all without throwing it away was to not go grocery shopping. There will be no grocery shopping at all until Dec 31, while from January 2 through January 31 I will only buy fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and meat. Wine, beer, and soda, of course, are excluded ;-)
Here is the list of items I started out with in my freezer/refrigerator/pantry.

Our bag of potatoes spoiled. I am so annoyed with myself for letting this happen. With 3 weeks left to this challenge, I really could have used the extra carb source.


Below are the items we've used over the last 2 days. We ordered pizza & drank beer last night as the blizzard entered the Midwest. Ah, winter.

Pantry Items Spoiled:
• potatoes
• pumpkin butter

Pantry Items Used:
Shrimp Burritos
• flour tortiallas
• frozen shrimp
• pesto from last summer's garden
• shredded zuccini from last summer's garden
• shredded cheddar
• 2 packets of the Chinese take-out hot sauce
• the remainder of the pot roast mush

Broccoli & Rice
• broccoli (purchased)
• rice
• (what else?) pesto from last summer's garden

Snacks & Breakfasts
• zuccini bread
• crackers
• block cheddar cheese
• apple butter

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